Are Rugs Really That Important In Terms of Home Decor? Find Out Here Why You Need To Put Rugs In Your Home If You Want it To Look “Complete”

Carpets are one of the easiest and most versatile items to decorate with in the home. Whether you’re looking to spruce up an area quickly and tastefully, or found the perfect rug and want to draw upon it as the focal point of a room, there is no disputing a room without a rug feels empty. A rug truly makes a room. It is one of the most important pieces in a house so it has to be something you love, connect with, want to see for a long time, and something you love to talk about because it will be sure to catch people’s eye. There are different rugs that speak to different people and that’s the beauty of them; they connect with different human beings for different reasons.

Rugs and carpets draw all the pieces tightly together in a more conversational pattern. They also define a space by drawing a visible line around all the pieces, both uniting them and dividing them from the rest of the room. It certainly makes sense to place softer carpeting in the bedroom and harder tighter loop constructions in the more public areas where you generally don’t walk with bare feet.

Exactly how to position your carpet on the floor is key in determining a room’s success. Do you place all the furniture on or partially off the rug? Should the rug be centered in the room or should it be centered on some other visual, like the fireplace?

Those answers depend on whether the floor below is beautiful wood or marble. It is probably better for the rug to stop short of the wood/marble border rather than cover it. Of course, a dining room will require a single larger carpet that goes under the table and allows about three feet all around for the chairs to be pulled out while remaining on the carpet. For rooms, such as a living room that has a large couch, one typically wants a carpet to either extend close enough to the front end of the couch where your feet rest or to fully extend under the sofa. One should leave at least three to four inches between the end of the rug and the wall.

If some of the furniture is placed off of the carpet — a statement is being made about the outlying pieces. If a rug is placed with some of the pieces on and some off the carpet, then the rug has a tendency to look lost. In addition, it is always best to try to line up the edges of a carpet with some architectural element of the room — the end of a wall, the beginning of a doorway, centering on the fireplace, etc.

The best advice is always from the professionals selling you your carpets, as they generally know how best to maintain the particular type of rug you are purchasing. Of course, vacuuming once a week is important as well as wiping up spills immediately after happening.

A rug has the ability to unite or divide the cohesion of a room. If placed properly, it will create a balance and proportional flow to the space, which is the end goal to all good design.

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