Should You Splurge on Window Treatments? Here’s Why Curtains Are Considered to be One of the Most Important Fixtures of a Home

Curtains are considered to be one of the most important fixture at home. But did you know how they come to be? Until the end of the 16th century in England, window curtains are not as popular as it is now. People during these times use wooden shutters as covering to their windows instead. What people think as cool during that time were decorative draperies which are hung using wooden planks and are designed using multiple colorful fabrics.

Fast forward to the present, the use of curtains have evolved far from its decorative nature. A lot of variants are now useful in different domestic purposes. For instance, Singapore curtains are now designed to adapt to more smaller compact homes. They are easier to maintain and use.

Let’s find out why curtains are very important nowadays. There are three main utilities for curtains. First, curtains are used as decoration; second, curtains are used for privacy and security; and third, curtains are used for protection. Let’s explore these three main uses of curtains.

Ever since, curtains have been an important fixture at home because of its ability to add accent to the interior design. The overflowing nature of curtains adds certain appeal to any home design. When used effectively, curtains provide the setting ambiance and meaning to your home. They are a style statement and are a reflection of one’s tastes.

There are many curtain styles that is best for your home theme and designs which you can simply actually use. Curtains can provide the vintage feel to your design. Curtains can also add the modern look. Using the right draperies and fabric it can evoke a certain feeling or mood. High quality Singapore curtains are in-demand because of their decorative appeal and their easy to design quality.

Curtains are also used for privacy and security. They act as a functional covering for an enclosement or a room. Come to think of it: Curtains are used inside the bathroom, curtains are also used in private bedrooms, curtains are also used in the kitchen. For most people privacy is a primordial concern. Curtains prevent other people from peeking right into your personal space. For most people, it gives the feeling of security and exclusivity. Think of a “do not disturb” sign, that is what curtains provide for a lot of people.

Curtains are also used for protection.Extreme natural tendencies may bring about harmful effects to your belongings. Curtains provide the shade to protect them. For instance, some home furniture react to extreme heat. Intense conditions may cause them to malfunction. Further, without curtains your home will be exposed to direct sunlight. Such will cause discomfort to your home because of the heat. In these cases, curtains act as temperature controller as well as they maintain the level of temperature inside your home. Most importantly, without curtains you and your family will be exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Unwanted exposure to these harmful rays are detrimental to our health.


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